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Armenia & Georgia: new look

Modern faces of ancient countries.

Armenia and Georgia are best known for their ancient history. The centuries-old monuments of architecture, ancient churches, carefully preserved folk customs and traditional cuisine. All this is what interests travellers in Armenia and Georgia first of all. Therefore, many tourists, having arrived for a short while, have time to see only the country's past, and pass by the present. Meanwhile, the residents of the country not only live in the present, but also build the future.

If you have already seen the antiquities and have learned about history and tradtions, we advise you temporarily to become a local and to see what modern Armenia and Georgia live in. How the urban culture develops, where young and advanced people go, where they study and work, how they spend their time. Try to stay in a design hotel or a modern youth hostel, go to a trendy restaurant (perhaps there will be no khachapuri or dolma or it will be in a new way). Buy not a trivial souvenir, but clothes or jewelry from a local designer. Spend time in the city's creative cluster or even in the library. Go to the gallery of a modern artist or to a concert in one of the small clubs. Most likely, you will like this approach. You will meet the national color and flavor anyway, but the country will seem more "real" to you (Translated by Microsoft Azure)

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