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Ethnic cafes on RUDN campus: as authentic as possible

The first ethno-gastronomic space in Moscow on Miklukho-Maklay Street appeared when no one in the city knew what this concept meant. Even those who in the early 90s opened cafes with national food on campus of the Peoples’ Friendship University. Students (or former students) from different countries just wanted other students to eat their usual dishes.
As soon as private business was allowed, cafes on RUDN campus began to appear one after another. At first, only students and those who lived nearby knew about them, but these were the “founders” of national cuisines in Moscow. Sales of popular shawarma started right there, and RUDN’s shawarma was (and according to opinions, continues to be) the best in the city.
Now there are more than 30 cafes on RUDN campus, mostly of ethnic cuisines: cuisine of Lebanon (the Lebanese lead in the restaurant business of Miklukho-Maclay) and other Arab countries, African, Indian, Chinese and Latin American cuisines. Many cafes have added European and Russian dishes to the menu, as well as sushi, so that any student can find something of their own.
Of course, the campus cafes don’t look as beautiful as on the fashionable restaurant streets of Moscow. Some of them are located in the basement of the dormitory buildings, and their interior is more than simple. But there are:
- authentic. Lebanese cook primarily for Lebanese, Indians - for Indians, Ethiopians - for Ethiopians. Compatriots love food to be “like at home”. And they will not excuse, if something is wrong. Therefore, the cooks and the owners are doing their best.
- cheap. Most clients are students, and that’s that. Even in the most expensive cafe on campus the meal will be cheaper than anywhere else at this level in Moscow.
- yummy! The campus is large (more than 7,000 people), but still everything is visible, rumors spread quickly, and the competition is high. Food should be on top, and the quality must be kept. In addition, not only students but also guests “from outside” are expected in the cafe, especially in the summer, when there are few students. Many residents of the area have long been going to have lunch and dinner at RUDN. Moreover, there are bonuses such as food delivery, belly dancing in the evenings and outdoor tables during the warm season.
- located next to each other. You can arrange a real gastronomic tour, bypassing a few at a time.
We have chosen the most interesting and delicious for you.

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