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"Seven stones." Tour to Armenia

This guidbook is compiled according to the program of a fascinating tour in Armenia, conducted by an experienced guide, the famous Armenian journalist, actor and director Ruben Pashinyan.
The tour is called "Seven Stones" by the name of the game, which is very popular in Armenia. Its rules are easy to find on the Internet. But we'll talk about it a bit later.
 The fact is that on the territory of modern Armenia there are several stones, presumably of cosmic origin. Each day we will visit some of these stones, and on the way explore the sights nearby - the program is thought out and based on this.
Ideally, you should visit all 7 stones, but if time is not enough you can see 2 or 3 or 4 stones, and the rest - on the next visit.
During each of the tours an interesting program awaits our guests: meals at national restaurants; workshops on lavash baking or playing the dhol (national drum); picking grapes in the Ararat valley (in summer); tasting wine, Armenian cognac or homemade vodka; listening to Armenian music in a live performance ... And of course, we will play Armenian games - one of which is SEVEN STONES.
Day 1: places 1-4
Day 2: places 5-11
Day 3: places 12-16
Day 4: places 17-22
Day 5: places 23-25
Day 6: Places 26-29
Day 7: Places 30-31

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